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A note about the
links on this page

One of the more difficult aspects of the internet is the credibility of all the different offers and services that can be found advertised throughout the net.  Many times we have all been disappointed when the delivery of a particular service or item or deal is less than expected.

It helps if someone you know has had a previous experience or has researched a particular product or service first hand rather than just believing the ad or testimonial.

This page provides links to some great services and special offers.  Each link has been selected, researched and placed here because I either use the service myself or feel that there is a legitimate benefit or value to what is being offered.

If ANY of these ads produce any negative effects please let me know IMMEDIATELY so I can remove the link from the site.  You will need to enable pop-ups and accept cookies to in your browser to follow links.

If you would like to advertise on this page, please contact me via email at
for pricing.

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